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Health Safety & Environment

On Point Consulting Inc. will hold its representatives to the highest standards in Health, Safety, Environment, Ethics, and Morals. On Point Consulting Inc.’s representatives will be encouraged to stay focused on the task at hand and avoid unnecessary distractions. Embracing these values will foster a culture where On Point Consulting Inc. can provide a superior service to its clients with minimal risk to the Health, Safety, and Environment of its stake holders.

The CEO/Owner of On Point Consulting Inc. truly believes that family is the most important priority in life. We all have loved ones, and all have a duty to ensure that everyone goes home safe each and every day! There is no pride in injuring people or unnecessarily impacting the environment in a negative way to get the job done.

On Point Consulting Inc.'s H.S.E Mission Statement: "Remove the Risks and Hazards for all and strive to reduce our Environmental Impact for the future."


The CEO/Owner of On Point Consulting Inc. would like to impress upon you, our continuous dedication to Health, Safety, and Environment! On Point Consulting Inc. currently maintains an ISNetworld B rating.


We want you to be confident in our ability to execute the job safely!

On Point Consulting Inc.
On Point Consulting Inc.
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